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In any organization you must have accurate financial records. Not only is this extremely critical to have accurate information but it's also critical to ensure your programs and services are carried out most optimally and efficiently.


Grants Management

Managing millions or billions of grant dollars can be an overwhelming task. We take the guessing out of this critical function by leveraging out expertise for our clients.



It's one thing to have proper checks and balances for your Accounting and Grants Management and another thing to ensure compliance from a Federal/State/Local government level. With our expertise, you can be assured that everything we do is in accordance with all regulations.

About Our Team

Our Mission

To better financially equip government, nonprofits, hospitals, universities, tribal nations, and for profit companies and empower them to lead more sustainable futures for generations to come.

Our Vision

To education, guide, and maximize revenues for our clients that will enable them to create more revenue and impact more lives.

Our Values


Everything we do is bigger than us. We don't show up to work everyday JUST for ourselves - we show up to make our clients stronger and to chase our potential.


We do the things we say we're going to do. Without exception.


We hold ourselves and our clients accountable to their goals because we know that true growth doesn't happen by accident.


Our team has full transparency into the priorities of our clients, teams, and organization in order to prioritize the work we do to get us all closer to our goals.


We only hire growth-oriented individuals because we know that our business can't grow if our people aren't growing.


Results matter. Our clients hire us to improve their business so every service offering that we deliver has one goal: deliver results.

Our Service

Help You Become The HERO. Perform with Integrity.

Accounting + Finance

We understand that understanding accounting and finance can be daunting. We remove that unwelcoming feeling and provide a solution of handling the day-to-day duties of managing your organization's financials while educating you on how to review and analyze the data so you can make better strategic decisions.

Pre-Award: Grant Writing

This is another very discouraging task because obtaining grant funding is an extremely competitive space. If you don't know how best to prepare your grant proposals to WIN, then you become discouraged and can be frustrating if your organization heavily relies on grants. We have a step-by-step process that allows for our clients to have winning grant proposals while also ensuring our costs are recovered through the grants. It's a win-win!

Post Award: Grants Management

Once you have the grant dollars, how do you even manage it appropriately? More often than not, organizations, don't. Did you know that hundreds of millions of dollars, probably closer to billions of dollars, are left on the table every year of unspent tax-payer dollars? Yup. What a waste right?

We help our clients manage billions of dollars total on an annual basis while staying in compliance.

Our Sister Company

Cost Recovery of Indirect Costs

Remember the billions of wasted dollars under the Post Award section? Well, this amazing service allows us to work with clients and recover those funds back into their communities.

To date, we have been able to recover over $1B in grant funding left on the table. Imagine, if we had every State/Local Government entity going through this simple process. We could eliminate poverty, homelessness, the health system and many other societal issues.

Cost Allocation Plan + Indirect Cost Rate

Whether you are a State/Local Government, Nonprofit, Health Organization, Tribal Nation, University, or even a For-profit company, we identify your TRUE COST of service. Our clientele traditionally leverage these reports to recover their indirect costs on their grants. Since we are the experts in this space, we help you leverage this data in many other ways such as; budgeting, forecasting, hiring, and other grants you may want to pursue.


This can sound...intimidating, however, if done right, it's easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our clients enjoy the benefit, one of the most valuable, of being able to relax and carry out their mission knowing that the data that is being prepared from a financial and grants management perspective is in exceptional shape and can easily pass an audit with flying colors. This is an area that the company was founded on, which is compliance.

Why Choose Us

We Help You Become The HERO Of Your Company

Not a single one of our competitors have the insight and expertise like we do. Not a single one will care as much as we do about making you the most successful. The reason is, they are doing a job. We are living our purpose!


Partnering With Subject Matter Experts

We come with a combined 30+ years of experience working in the space of accounting and grants management. When you partner with us, we are an extension of your company and pride ourselves on providing exceptional services to ensure a life-long partnership that is thriving for both parties. With our auditing background, you can be assured that you are in great hands each and every day.


Cost Savings + Maximizing Revenues

When you partner with us you can guarantee that we will leverage your community's tax-payer dollars the most effectively. By hiring an expert, our clients save on average 65% costs while they also receive the benefit of us maximizing their revenues to bring in more funding to their communities. You will be the HERO of your community!


Cost of Service Reimbursable*

Our costs are 100% reimbursable*. We identify where we can recover our costs through the grants and better budget for the costs ahead of time so that we don't have to tap into your operating budget. Our priority is to help you maximize your funding, knowing how it impacts tax-payers like yourself directly. We accomplish this by leveraging our expertise with the Federal and State regulations.

Easy Step Process

How It Works

First Step



We appreciate that each organization have different needs. We will tailor our services based on those needs. The consultation allows us to develop a plan that ensures our services are delivered with exceptional care.

Second Step


Service Process

Once we have identified what specific services you need, we begin work immediately based on the timeline of deliverables presented during consultation. Every step we take in providing services to your organization, will always come from an auditing approach.

Third Step



Our deliverables will be based on the services you need. Some deliverables are project based while others are on a more consistent basis. Regardless of the services you need, you will be well-informed of when you will expect each deliverable.


Our Clients Reviews

This was our first cost plan and indirect cost rate proposal and after the process, Aleisha identified roughly $17.6M of funding left on the table for our organization...she has been a tremendous value to our City.

..Despite the hurdles in the process, one thing was constant - you and your team were rock stars from the beginning to the end of the process. Your patience, expertise, and dedication to the cause were the driving force behind our success and I'm so grateful we had you on our team...

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